Recirculation Aquaculture Technology saves water for Fish Farm Danish Salmon

Danish Salmon is a land based fish farm making use of recirculation aquaculture technology (RAS). The system operates as a closed system under roof using an extremely low amount of new water from beach drains (saltwater) and normal drainage water (fresh water). The farm is designed to produce 2,000 tons of large salmon of 4-5 kilo per year. The production time from eggs to market ready salmon is just under 2 years.

RAS technology makes it possible to produce fish in an environmentally friendly way. The limited consumption of new water, and thereby limited amount of discharge water, makes it possible to clean off the major part of the waste from fish production (suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorous). The collected waste can be used for biogas or fertilizer in agricultural farming.


  • Output: 2,000 tons salmon per year 4-5 kilo size
  • Degree of recirculation: 99%
  • Water consumption: 200 L per kg fish produced per year
  • Feed conversion rate (FCR): 1.15
  • System components: Mechanical Drumfilters, Biofilters, Degassers, Oxygen Cones, UV
  • Water water treatment: Flocculation, Bandfilter, Sedimentation

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