Aircold is a Danish supplier and contractor of cooling systems. Aircold was founded in 1998. Aircold is a leading specialist of energy optimized cooling systems for industrial and commercial purposes. Within air-condition, Aircold also offers the best solutions and is sole supplier of the quality brand Technibel in Denmark.

Aircold is expert in professional and sustainable cooling solutions that suit your needs. We are an engineering and refrigeration company, and specialists in energy-efficient cooling systems. Aircold is furthermore the sole supplier and contractor of “The Smart Cooling System”. The Smart Cooling System is a complete cooling system developed specifically for the cooling of server rooms and data centers. The system’s highly efficient components communicate interactively to provide a precise cooling service, and overall energy the consumption is kept to a minimum. This is crucial when you need to think green IT and low PUE (power usage effectiveness). Aircold’s Smart Cooling System continually adapts to minimal energy consumption. The system guarantees free cooling for about 350 days a year, which is more than double the free cooling provided by traditional systems.

Aircold delivers and installs cooling systems and air conditioning all over Denmark. Aircold is headquartered in Aalborg and has an office in Copenhagen.

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