The AIKAN system is Solum’s unique combined anaerobic digestion and composting system for organic waste.

The innovative Aikan two-phase technology synthesizes effective waste management of biowaste, green waste, sewage sludge, leftovers from food production or super markets or other organic wastes with energy recovery, sanitary compost production and reliable and robust practical handling.

Solid waste is pre-sorted and mixed before it is introduced into the airtight process modules where anaerobic digestion followed by composting transforms the materials into biogas and sanitized compost. The biogas can be used for electricity and heat production, and the compost is sold as garden products and growing media.

Aikan improves the conventional waste management system by upgrading organic waste to compost and biogas. The innovative two-phase technology combines microbiology in new practical ways and solves the traditional conflict between the wish for high output and inhibition of the process steps.

Compared to other biogas units, the AIKAN system is outstanding due to: Maximum flexibility in relation to the feedstock – Modularity of 5.000 tonnes/year – Scalability up to 40.000 tonnes/year – Established in six month building time – Top reliability – Flexible output Renevable energy (electricity/heat) and compost.

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Martin W. Hansen

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