Agro Business Park

    Agro Business Park

    Agro Business Park is an international science park with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation within agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technologies.

    We accomplish a considerable number of national and international projects – all with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the sector. This goes for both companies, which participate in our company network, and especially for the entrepreneurs and the development departments, which make use of Agro Business Park as incubator.

    The science park is located next to Aarhus University and DCA (Danish Center for Food and Agriculture) – close to world class research facilities and knowledge.

    As an incubator, we offer facilities, network and guidance, which ensure that the potential of each entrepreneur and development department is fully optimised. Our service package, which includes amongst other things, reception services, IT, conference rooms, a social environment, and much more, is an important foundation. Furthermore, we offer our tenants guidance in business development, financing/accounting, projects, and so on. Finally, our many networks and projects provide great value to the tenants in Agro Business Park’s incubator environment.

    In 2013 we expanded our incubator facilites with a department at Agro Food Park in Aarhus, the heartland of danish food innovation.

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    Primary contact
    Claus Mortensen