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Automatic cleaning of boilers

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Rotating cleaning system on pneumatic air.

The Aerovit valve A40 is the essential part of our recently developed soot blower system Aerovit Type R. It was primarily developed for keeping water tube economizers clean and therefore increase the efficiency, but the system has also proved its benefits for boilers where the temepratures isn’t to high. The normal payback time for an Aerovit system is really low and we normally they are within 3-24 months.

In view of the tight space conditions we see on some economisers and boilers and the possibility of delivering cleaning equipment to water tube economisers and boilers, we have designed a rotating soot blower, Aerovit Type R. The system is installed between two tube sections.

Its main advantage is that it requires less exterior space and allows an automatic 360° rotation with powerful blasts of compressed air which keeps every inch of the boiler sections free from deposits.

The Aerovit Type R system is also customized for each individual application, where design of ECO/boiler and fuel is taken into consideration. With our many years of experience in this field, we have tried almost every kind of ECO/boilers and also almost every type of fuel.

The system has proven its worth and can also be mounted in relatively hot places by using different steel alloys.

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