Aeroe – Sustainable Energy Island

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Aeroe – Sustainable Energy Island

Aeroe (Ærø) is a sustainable energy island in the southern part of Denmark and home to one of the world’s largest solar thermal systems. Renewables cover most of the island’s heating demand and all of its electrity consumption. In fact Aeroe has as its goal to become 100% self-sufficient with energy based on renewable sources. 

We would like to welcome you and your organization to the island to see for yourselves how we work to achieve self-sufficiency based on renewables.

Wind Turbines and Solar Thermal District Heating
Six wind turbines produce more electricity than the population on the island consumes. Three district heating plants produce heat and hot water based on renewable energy sources (solar and biomass) for most of the island’s households.

Many home owners, who live outside the district heating networks, have installed heat pumps. Photovoltaic cells have been installed on approx. 7% of the buildings on the island compared to approx. 3% in all of Denmark.

Visit a sustainable energy island and solar thermal systems
We organize energy tours and visits to the island’s solar thermal systems, district heating plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic installations according to your organizations wishes for inspiration and needs for information. We can provide further assistance through our network of world leading consultants and suppliers of solar thermal systems.

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