Common Tower Tool for SGRE/MVOW

Advantis has solved some of the main issues for the industry, where all companies make their own tools the challange has been to make ONE tool fitting to all “Tower” in this case for both SGRE and MVOW

The coorporation and the results were presented on Wind Europe 2019 in Copenhagen.

WindEurope Offshore 2019 Copenhagen


– Innovative common solution
– Common Equipment/Tool


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Advantis – Mechanical Engineering and Development. Consultancy, advisory services and turnkey solutions. We create value for our clients, employees and business associates through insight, reliable and continuous collaboration. Strong knowledge in the wind industry 10+ years Focus on: 1) Optimizing windturbine, handling & transport tool to reduce cost & environmental impact 2) Intelligence solutions design 3) Design sustainable solutions 4) Continusly gain new knowledge Advantis is located where the most wind energy knowledge in the world are placed, Jutland, Denmark

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Kim D. Jensen

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