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Sustainable thermal systems
Advansor is a leading OEM manufacturer of sustainable thermal systems for the production of heating and cooling in, among others, supermarkets, refrigeration and freezing facilities, the food processing industry, chemical industry, as well as air conditioning for office buildings with CO2 as the refrigerant.

More than 10 years of development of refrigeration systems using CO2 as refrigerant combined with app. 2000 systems in operation, have positioned Advansor as the world’s largest manufacturer of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems

Knowledge sharing with suppliers and customers is a natural part of our services, which always ensures the best and latest technology for our customers.

Green technology – CO2
Advansor’s technology is based on natural refrigerant – CO2, which does not contribute to global warming when emitted. CO2 is neither flammable nor toxic, making it an attractive refrigerant, both in terms of production, installation and operation of the unit. CO2 meets all international requirements on refrigerants – both now and in the future.

Business philosophy
Our philosophy is based on our solutions paying for themselves through the operating cost reductions that are achieved with the systems.

Advansor’s experienced consultants compile cost savings analyses on the system, which is part of the delivery.

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