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Aduro develops and manufactures environmentally friendly wood burning stoves in Scandinavian Design.

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Aduro Smart Response helps you get the best of your stove, while using as little time as possible

Looking for eco-friendly combustion, a good firing economy and efficient use of your stove?

Aduro Smart Response turns your smartphone or tablet into a personal stoker, in order to help you obtain the correct combustion and ensure optimal use of your firewood. It consists of two sensors that communicates wirelessly with an app on your smartphone or tablet. The app can be used to check when wood should be added to the fire, how hot your wood burning stove is and if the temperature is either too high or too low.

The system will help you save time, money and energy in your everyday life, by making it easier to reach optimal combustion and heat your home. Aduro Smart Response will help you ensure correct use of your wood burning stove on a day-to-day level.

How does Aduro Smart Response work?

Through thousands of tests in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, Aduro has gathered information to help develop an algorithm, which gives you the secret of optimal combustion right on your smartphone or tablet.

In order to make sure you achieve the best result, you will have to input some values that are found on the wood burning stove’s identification plate or in the manual. After setting up the app, it will show you individual tips on how to optimize the use of your wood burning stove and tell you when to add wood to the fire.

The Aduro Smart Response app will also provide you with interactive guides on heating with firewood along with a logsystem, which tracks and stores the performance of your stove. During use, the app will get to know your stove better and thereby improve its suggestions and tips.

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