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Aduro develops and manufactures environmentally friendly wood burning stoves in Scandinavian Design.

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Aduro DraftOptimizer ensures a constant even draught in the chimney, which reduces smoke and smell.

Do your neighbors complain about smoke and smell coming from your chimney? Aduro DraftOptimizer ensures a constant and even draught in the chimney, which reduces smoke and smell nuisances.

Chimney sweepers estimate that approx. 15% of chimneys in European homes cannot handle the draught from a modern wood burning stove or fireplace insert. As a result, many stove owners experience problems with lighting the fire, smoke in the living room when door is open og bad combustion and smoke nuisances in the neighborhood.

Aduro DraftOptimizer is a smoke exhauster, which ensures the necessary draught in your chimney regardless of wind and weather. It is mounted on top of the chimney and makes sure that you have a constant, even draught.

How does it work?

The smoke exhauster elevates the smoke in the chimney and dilutes it with fresh air, to create a natural draught in the chimney. This makes sure the draught in your chimney is not affected by weather conditions outside. By mixing the smoke with fresh air, it is diluted up to 25 times, reducing smoke and smell.

With Aduro DraftOptimizer you’ll get:

  • Less smoke out in the living room
  • Less smoke out of the chimney
  • Easy lighting of the fire
  • No water inside the chimney
  • Improved combustion – draught can be adjusted
  • 24V engine with low energy consumption and no need for a three-point plug
  • Strong dilution of smoke = less smoke and smell nuisances

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