Improving process water quality in cottage cheese production

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Adept Water Technologies develops and markets the BacTerminator systems for inline disinfection and purification of water.

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Arla Foods Korsvej Dairy - part of one of the world's largest dairy companies - has choosen the BacTerminator® to improve the quality of their cottage cheese products.

Shelf life and product quality of cottage cheese can be improved when treating the cooling water with the new BacTerminator Water Disinfection System.

Challenges in cottage cheese production

In cottage cheese production, water is used in the process stage “10-15% water addition” in the cheese vat. The quality of this water is an important factor regarding the final quality of the end product as well as its shelf life. Cottage cheese is a delicate product to make and even low levels of bacteria may lead to reduced shelf life and poorer product quality (formation of microorganisms on the surface).

Obtaining a water quality close to sterile water

  • Bacteria & microorganism elimination guarantee of TVC <10 CFU/ml in the adding water for the cheese vat
  • Eliminating the high energy costs for pasteurization, BacTerminator has approx. 10 times lower operating costs
  • Eliminating of treating the adding water with chloride dioxide (CLO2), which is a hazardous chemical handled at the dairy
  • Longer product shelf life
  • Less customer & retailer complaints

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