BacTerminator Drinking Water

The ideal method for drinking water disinfection if you want primary and secondary disinfection without adding chemicals to the drinking water.

The unique electrolysis technology in the BacTerminator secures that you are getting the most efficient water disinfection method in the market. Primary and secondary water disinfection with 1 unit.

Bacteria in process water systems are common. Using the BacTerminator® water disinfection system in your process water operations will:

  • Ensure better and more efficient disinfection than other methods
  • Improve water hygiene and quality
  • Improve health and safety in your working environment
  • Reduce the risk of product contamination
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for biocide addition
  • Reduce the time and cost spend on cleaning and servicing your water system
  • Enable process water to be reused


  • Ground Water
  • Surface Water
  • Mineralized desalted water
  • Reuse of sand filter rinse water

TechnologyBacTerminator® uses the principle of electrolysis for disinfection. By electrolyzing the feed water, BacTerminator® generates a powerful disinfection in the electrolysis chamber. This ensures a high rate of disinfection, with a very low residual concentration of Cl2.

The BacTerminator® technology has several benefits, including:

  • No need to add chemicals to the disinfection process
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Technical specifications

Flow rate:

BT 1  300 – 1.800 l/h

BT 2  600 – 3.600 l/h

BT 5  3.000 – 6.000 l/h

BT 10  6.000 – 12.000 l/h

BT 20  12 – 25 m3/h

BT 30  25 – 35 m3/h

BT 40  35 – 45 m3/h

BT 50  45 – 55 m3/h

BT 60  55 – 65 m3/h

BT 80  65 – 90 m3/h

BT 100  90 – 110m3/h

BT 120  110 – 130 m3/h

BT 150  130 – 170 m3/h


Pressurized feed water or integrated pump, Touch-Screen, PLC operation, Easy plug and play solution, IP65 protection.


Decalfication system, hygienic design, chlorine monitoring, remote surveillance, pre-filter, brine booster, skid mounting.

Requirements for feed water:

Media Fresh or process water

Filtered to <1mm

Conductivity >200µS/cm

Chloride level >10 mg/l

Ambient temperature 5-400C Note: High

NVOC/COD content may reduce efficiency

Electrical specifications:

110 V/230   VAC/380 VAC, PE

1,2 KVA – 90 KVA

Standby use   <100 W for all models

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Adept Water Technologies develops and markets the BacTerminator systems for inline disinfection and purification of water.

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