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Adept Water Technologies develops and markets the BacTerminator systems for inline disinfection and purification of water.

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Designed to improve security and keep y​our Dental Unit Water Line safe

The heart of the Bacterminator Dental® is the unique patented BacTerminator technology, which forces the water through a highly effective disinfection chamber using electrolysis technology. In the disinfection chamber some of the already present natural salts are converted into free chlorine as hypochloric acid which disinfects 50-100 times more effectively than normal chlorine. This means it is possible with very low concentrations of free chlorine to have an extremely high disinfection rate. The BacTerminator® Dental is effective against Legionella and other microorganisms.

BacTerminator® Dental is a complete water treatment system designed especially for use in dental units.

  • Provides disinfection, removes calcium carbonate and filters incoming water
  • Protection against growth of biofilm in the unit
  • No use of chemicals
  • Eliminates the risk of loss of treatment capacity and profit because of breakdown caused by dirty water or bacteria
  • Less service required – with removal of biofilm, particles and lime, valves and instruments last longer
  • Eliminates problems in contaminated public water
  • Minimises the risk of airborne and other infections for patients, dentists and their assistants because of infected water
  • Focus on the working environment – low noise level
  • Plug and play installation

Just Plug & Play – No difficult maneuvers or heavy lifts

BacTerminator® Dental was developed under a pure plug and play concept. The system is installed by an authorised service engineer between the incoming water supply and the dental unit and connected to the power. The unit is then ready for use.

As the system is equipped with a pump for stable water supply to the unit, the system can be placed some distance from the unit or in its immediate vicinity as desired. BacTerminator® Dental is developed in a compact design with a very low noise level and it is thus suitable for installation in direct connection with the dental unit.

The BacTerminator® Dental can also be used as a filling station for water for dental units with installed water tank for separate filling


Flow out:

  • Capacity: 1-2 l/minute
  • Flow: 2.4 l/minute
  • Pressure: 2.4 bar (adjustable)
  • Capacity filter cartridge: 1,000 l, 10° dH or every 6 months
  • Alarm for: low pressure in, filter change, service, leakage
  • H:452 mm, W:166 mm, L:430 mm

Requirements for feed water:

All versions: Fresh water of drinking water quality

  • Filtered to: <1mm
  • Conductivity: >70μS/cm
  • Chloride level: >7mg/l
  • Temperature: 5-40°C
  • General: Pressurieed feed water (1-6 bar)
  • Ambient temperature: 5-40°C

Electrical specifications

  • 110V/230VAC PE 200W
  • Standby use <10W

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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