Recreational Rainwater Management

As one of the early examples of recreational rainwater facilities in Denmark, this urban park transforms an inaccessible and unused plot into a park, activity center, educational laboratory, and water management facility. The project vision is to cleverly collect rain and community through multi-purpose rainwater and play facilities that act as a social lever for local users.

Flooding associated with prolonged summer precipitation and freeze-thaw cycles has steadily plagued Solrød Municipality. The park design is optimized to collect up to 4000 mof rainwater within a small 5,000 m2  site through a playful network of concrete basins, stormwater channels, and green bioswales.

The wedge-shaped project site was selected for its low-lying topography to serve as a natural catch basin, and its high-impact location connecting a high school, residential neighborhood, and local gymnasium.  This recreational rainwater management facility anchors these surrounding programs through formal and informal activities that connect to existing recreational, pedestrian, and bicycle networks.

This project exploits the natural-water cycles of the area through value-generative rainwater solutions that create opportunities for play, learning, and movement. The design features footpaths and activity loops that connects to a winding skateboarding stormwater channel, a rain garden and education basin, and a large “sports basin” that functions as a year-round activity court.  Each characteristic basin adapts to changing water levels, offering water as a resource to encourage recreation and socialization.

Upon its completion in late 2014, this project will demonstrate how economic, public health, and sustainability challenges can be addressed through strategic planning partnerships and dual-design initiatives for our critical infrastructure.

This project was selected for Realdania and the LOA Foundation campaign,” Water Plus, Space for Rain and Activity” in cooperation with Rambøll A/S for Solrød Municipality and Greve Solrød Supply.

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