Green House Facade

PARK N’ PLAY is ACT’s ambitious competition proposal that seeks to reinvent the parking house typology. Our proposal for Park N’ Play focuses on inexpensive and sustainable design solutions that can support active urban play on the facades and rooftops of our built environment.

With a ”breathable” and adaptable façade system, the structure’s four facades are designed to respond to their four very different urban relations. We proposed an adaptable façade system of lightweight, expanded metal frames with a variable matrix of green planting strategies. The four varying green facades are optimized for diurnal and bioclimatic strategies associated with the optimal growing conditions for each façade’s orientation.

The West Facade faces the urban square Århustorv, with a mixed palette of framed balconies and planter boxes, opening up to the buzzing shopping street and plaza below. The facade playfully displays both visitors and visiting parked cars, as well as offers a direct vertical route to the roof via a climbing wall on the exterior of the elevator core. Towards east, the façade opens to a recreational public space along a picturesque harbor canal. Towards north, the façade is designed to respond to the traffic of Lüdersvej while exploiting the desired views to the northern harbor.

The South facade’s suspended ”Play-houses” (shown above) offer a unique recreational space above the trees of its neighboring park. These play houses are meant to make a statement, and are developed as a new urban space typology, highly visible and engaging, that make use of the often passive facades of large scale buildings.

The Play-Houses are available for everyone and are accessible through a vertical street that acts as a direct continuation of the streets on ground level. Finally, as the fifth facade, the roof hosts small activity and landscape inspired islands that allow users to access to a raised recreational landscape with spectacular harbor views. The parking garage becomes a new detour and destination, charging a new revolution for a sustainable, active parking house typology as well as the design of our public facades.


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