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Active City Transformation

Active City Transformation (ACT) is an “Active Design” practice and consultancy firm in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are architects, landscape architects, and urban designers who aim to foster an active and healthy culture in our everyday spaces. Our practice comprises activity-based design and policy projects that respond to current public and environmental health challenges.

ACT explores how an activity-integrated urban design approach can provide new opportunities for cities to become more active, livable, and sustainable. We translate active design methodologies into real-life design strategies for unique design proposals that include recreational rainwater facilities, climate adaptation masterplans, and city-developed health and activity landscapes.

Regardless of project typology, ACT helps organizations think differently about the connections between people, physical activity, and the built environment. We provide high-quality urban design strategies that are defined by proactive, rather than reactive, planning strategies from both design and health. We are inspired by a sustainable, public health centric version of design, where we focus on finding appropriate, prototypical activity solutions that are simple and cost-effective for widespread, long-term implementation in our cities.

For more information on active and sustainable projects at the local, regional, and national level, visit ACT’s project website at

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Rasmus B. Andersen
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