House of Industry future-proofed with advanced KNX technology.

For the past two years, the Confederation of Danish Industry’s famous building on Copenhagen’s City Hall Square has been undergoing a complete transformation and has now been future-proofed with intelligent KNX technology from ABB.

Confederation of Danish Industry has spared no expense with the impressive renovation. The climate-responsive facade has given the House of Industry an exciting new character.

The company Kemp og Lauritzen has been responsible for all HVAC and electrical installations. Together with Confederation of Danish Industry, they chose KNX from ABB as the solution for the intelligent installations which encompass lighting, window blinds, heating and cooling. Everything has been visualized and detailed information is available on every single office. Everything, for example, lighting, window blind, heating and ventilation, can be adjusted centrally according to local needs. The flexible KNX solution even makes it possible to move walls and change the configuration of office sections since, within every 1.6 metres, it is possible to reprogram KNX easily.

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