Separating rainwater from wastewater on the surface, Aarhus, Denmark

The Municipality of Aarhus has a vision of making the city an even more attractive place to live through its climate adaptation projects, and the local water utility, Aarhus Vand, works closely together with the municipality to fulfill this vision. Together, they make rainwater a visible element in the form of rainwater lakes, rainwater beds and rainwater drains. They establish hollows and dams, create entirely new urban spaces and find new ways to lay out green areas. In this way, rainwater is handled in a combination of pipes and surface solutions, using various Nature Based Solution (NBS) elements. The citizens can choose either to handle rainwater on their own plots, or to lead the rainwater to a nearby public area via the surface, where Aarhus Vand handles it. Getting citizens on board on a project such as this is a crucial task. Thanks to a successful citizen involvement process with a combination of workshops, extensive FAQ’s and even individual advisory sessions on private plots, the house owners embrace the new recreational solutions.

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As one of the most innovative water companies in Denmark, we feel obliged to support the water industry. We have extensive knowledge of the operation of various facilities, establishment of organisations, analysis, tendering, planning, project management, training and commissioning of facilities. We would like to do our share towards ensuring innovation of the Danish water industry. By also taking a global perspective, we contribute knowledge and support for Danish exports and help set the global agenda for sustainable development.

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