Video: Kick off for Marselisborg ReWater in Aarhus

By Aarhus Water, April 19, 2017

Watch the launch of Aarhus Vand's innovation strategy for Marselisborg ReWater. The kick-off event was attended by the Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard and representatives from companies, research institutions and organisations who were all invited to help Aarhus Vand develop the world’s most resource-efficient wastewater treatment plant.

The innovation strategy will build the world’s most resource-efficient wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) by transforming the existing Marselisborg facility in Aarhus, Denmark into a resource plant of the future: Marselisborg Rewater in 2026. It is an open call for companies, manufacturers, research institutions, entrepreneurs, and alike to take part in developing it.

Open call for contributions

What the new plant will look like when build in 2026 is yet unknown. However, it is certain that making it the world’s most efficient WWTP cannot be achieved using today’s technologies and solutions. Therefore, an open call has been made to attract companies, knowledge institutions, and citizens to develop the future Marselisborg ReWater in collaboration with Aarhus Water. Marselisborg ReWater will therefore serve as a ”test-bed” where development and test of new or optimised treatment processes can take place.

In order to manage the innovation process of assessing new technologies, an innovation strategy for Marselisborg ReWater states 15 innovation challenges that have to be solved in the development of building the new facility.

Sign up for “speed dating” meetings

The starting point for the Marselisborg Rewater journey is a series of 1:1 meetings in Denmark where all interested parties can ask for meeting where we discuss the potential for collaboration. It is called “speed dating” to state that this is an opportunity to mutually look for “the right match”.

Speed dating meetings will take place at Aarhus Vand in Aarhus (Viby J) on the following days: April 19th, April 26th, April 27th, May 5th and May 10th.

The meetings will be held in Danish or English based on preference and it is possible to sign up thorugh the website from Aarhus Water.

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