Aarhus Arkitekterne

    Aarhus Arkitekterne

    We believe that sustainability does not have to be difficult or expensive

    We know that building can be sustainable, CO2 neutral and still be cost-effective – without compromising with architectural quality.

    We think that everyone should have the privilege to live and work in sustainable buildings.

    That is why we take sustainable possibilities into consideration whenever possible.

    ‘First movers’ is what we call ourselves as regards sustainable building. And we wish to cooperate with other innovative first movers: companies or represents who wants to take new steps into the sustainable future with us.

    Aarhus Arkitekterne a/s (Aarhus Architects) have already designed several sustainable buildings.

    And more are to come.

    Our latest started project is Zenit Company House built according to Green Housing-principles.

    And our latest finished project is h2college, a residence hall for students. It is built for a Danish housing association within a limited budget and is overall very cost-effective. It uses hydrogen technology as the energy supplier. In January 2009 the first students moved in, and the outdoor area will be ready in autumn 2009.

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    Primary contact
    Lars Sylvester
    +45 70244000