Improved Recovery of phosphate from wastewater

Almost 80% of phosphate (P) in Danish wastewater is reused as fertiliser in agriculture from biosolids produced in wastewater treatment plants.

Recovery of high-value P-products also holds great potential. A project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark has evaluated this. Aalborg University and University of Southern Denmark – together with water utilities and consultants – tested and optimised novel methods and approaches for improved recovery of high-value P-products from wastewater treatment plants of which most had biological P-removal and anaerobic digesters. New methods for speciation and quantification of polyphosphate accumulating microorganisms and chemical P-containing components were developed, allowing detailed P-mass-balances. Development of crystallization of high-purity CaP from digester digestate by the OxyCrysPTM technology was very successful. LDHs as filter and ion exchange material as well as application of membranes were very promising to recover or crystallize P-products.

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