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A2SEA offers integrated installation and service solutions for the offshore wind industry. Since 2002, our specialised fleet has installed more than 1,200 turbines and 400 foundations for the world’s offshore wind market.

Many of our techniques and processes are setting standards for best practice throughout Offshore Wind. Our project teams are adept at pulling together all the pieces of the installation puzzle to ensure that every project comes in safely, on time, and to budget – and we have a ten-year track record to prove it.

Optimised processes

From project to project, we work on improving our processes, looking for any gains in time and cost that we can pass on to our customers. Because we are so familiar with the seabed conditions, wind turbine components and how long each operation takes, our risk management is both detailed and reliable.

The A2SEA offshore wind package

A2SEA has the experience, know-how and equipment to ensure an installation package tailored to each offshore wind project. Working closely with key customers, we develop solutions that meet the demands of the market and, ultimately, help bring down the cost of clean energy.


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