We take an innovative approach to architecture by combining science and art with a deep understanding of people and environment. Our green innovation unit, GXN, focuses on developing sustainable building materials, technologies and practices. The result of our expertise is iconic and humane architecture featuring cutting-edge green solutions and technologies.

In 3XN we believe that Architecture shapes behaviour. Therefore we try to create places where people can interact and communicate. Buildings, like people, are more than just the sum of their many parts, and we believe that it is possible to achieve a synthesis of design, function and environment.

We focus on cultural buildings, corporate headquarters and educational institutions. Amsterdam Music Hall, The Museum of Liverpool and Ørestad College in Copenhagen are some of the well-known buildings of 3XN. However we have also received several honors and distinctions for iconic projects like Middelfart Savings Bank and Horten Law Headquarters, which both feature innovative ways of achieving sustainable architecture through an exploration of both form and technology.

Recently, we have released our new book ‘Building a Circular Future’, which explores how the industry can implement a circular building practice, by eleminating waste and optimizing the reuse of building materials. The book is available open source at

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