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1st Mile is interested in joining cross-border projects with the aim of bringing new technologies to market. We provide high-level consultancy, insights and access to strong Danish networks with innovative and high-tech companies to entities who seek value creation for your R&D efforts.

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Interested in securing public funding for your company? 1st Mile writes your way to success!

If you are interested in securing public funding for your company or project then you are in the right place right now. 1st Mile is Denmark’s most successful fundraising business. 1st Mile has written successful project applications for more than 1.5 billion DKK, with a hit rate of 80%. Furthermore, 1st Mile has a huge network of innovative and high-tech companies that are ready and willing to work together with foreign companies.

Public funding programs such as EU Horizon 2020, and the Danish EUDP, PSO and Advanced Technology Fund programs offer the opportunity to build strong partnerships, and gain unique knowledge and access to funding.

The criteria for success have, however, become more stringent. It is not sufficient to have an excellent technology or idea. For instance, business plans, IPR strategies, and execution plans are vital for a favorable evaluation.

1st Mile is specialized in writing such applications and has in 2017 raised more than DKK50m (USD10m) in funding for projects with a total volume in excess of DKK100m.

1st Mile works with the client to determine which program the project would fit

After meetings and workshops with the client, 1st Mile writes a draft application with a budget optimized for the client.
In an iterative process with the client, 1st Mile completes the application.

In general, 1st Mile takes on the writing of a project proposal only if 1st Mile is confident that the project has the quality to be successfully evaluated. To underscore this, 1st Mile takes part of its compensation as a success fee that is only payable if the project receives funding.

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