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1st Mile is interested in joining cross-border projects with the aim of bringing new technologies to market. We provide high-level consultancy, insights and access to strong Danish networks with innovative and high-tech companies to entities who seek value creation for your R&D efforts.

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Do you need assistance with management of your project? 1st Mile has many years of experience!

1st Mile offers management of research and development projects. We have many years of experience and an efficient methodology and structure, which ensures that project objectives are met and deliverables are fulfilled.

At that same time, we take into account the special conditions, which are typical for these type of projects. We ensure the project’s participants have the resources for exactly what creates value for them.

Our assistance varies from help for kick-off and financial reporting to fully outsourced project management, if it is required that a neutral third party does this, or if our client just wants to focus own resources on reaching the project goals.

-“Good project management is a prerequisite for an optimal pay-off of a research and development project“, says Senior Project Manager, 1st Mile, Olaf Broby Nielsen.

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