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1st Mile is interested in joining cross-border projects with the aim of bringing new technologies to market. We provide high-level consultancy, insights and access to strong Danish networks with innovative and high-tech companies to entities who seek value creation for your R&D efforts.

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Do you need capital to become a successful growth company? We can prepare you for your search!

Capital is needed in order to make cleantech start-ups become successful growth companies that are able to supply their solutions to the market.

However, attracting venture capital or capital from other kinds of investors in exchange for a share of the company, is a difficult game, especially for tech companies with special focus on the technology and product.

1st Mile helps companies prepare themselves to face venture capitalists. This may include:

  • Preparation of a venture capital targeted business plan, including all the calculations and analyses the VC always makes
  • Training of the company’s key people to present exactly what is right to the investor
  • Identifying and setting up meetings with relevant VCs
  • Negotiations with VCs including terms and conditions in term sheets and investment agreements

What if you want to keep all shares and 100% control?

IF your company is not interested in exchanging a share of the company for capital but still needs finances, then 1st Mile might be able to help you. We are experts in writing project applications for public funding in Denmark and the EU. We can write the application and make it stand out from other great applications.

Furthermore, we can set your company up with professional and knowledgeable partners in Denmark, both to strengthen the application but also your probability for success!

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