Business Development Strategies in the Energy- and Environment Sectors

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1st Mile is interested in joining cross-border projects with the aim of bringing new technologies to market. We provide high-level consultancy, insights and access to strong Danish networks with innovative and high-tech companies to entities who seek value creation for your R&D efforts.

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Often you can see the problem but not the solution, or you need a fresh pair of eyes to assess whether there are other solutions that could be better.

“Do you have the right customers? Which way is the best for your development? Which strengths should you build upon? What does the economy look like? We help to find the answers and boil them down to a strategy with clear action plans.”, says CEO at 1st Mile, Søren Houmøller.

1st Mile supplies strategies in the energy and environment sectors, aimed both at the state, regions and private companies. The work begins with analysis and interviews and is delivered in the form of strategic plans or business plans. Often we also participate in the execution, for example, if the customer needs to develop technology projects or internal management processes.

In recent years we have, among other things, delivered strategies for the rescue of a distressed demonstration project that had a strong business community but lacked the support from the university environment. And we have helped a listed Danish cleantech company with a need to further refine the outcomes for marketing of their technology.

We can assist you in:

  • Develop business plans and strategies
  • Manage and administrate your innovation and development project
  • Writing your funding application for public funding programs, so that you get your idea funded

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