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By Charlotte Leser, July 17, 2013

Project commitments for grants from the Advanced Technology Fund

Vestas is the world’s leading supplier of wind turbines and in its vision defined target Triple15 – 15 billion € in turnover with a 15% return by 2015. With a turnover of 6.6 billions € in 2009, Vestas grows rapidly, while new technologies that maintains and expands its position as the world’s leading supplier, must be developed and implemented at a rapid pace.

In the group Towers and Structures, which is responsible for the development of future wind turbine foundations. Triple15 resulted in a wide range of development needs to be solved under time pressure.

1st Mile was contacted and in collaboration with the group’s director and senior specialist, two projects were defined. Projects involving subcontractors, business partners and universities to provide the knowledge that Vestas will need to design, produce and deliver the best and most cost-effective foundations for future offshore wind farms.

1st Mile wrote applications the Advanced Technology Fund and the EUDP program on behalf of Vestas and the other partners. Both projects received commitments for grants, the project under the Advanced Technology Fund has a total budget of 80 million DKK and EUDP project a budget of 35 million DKK.

To ensure the best possible execution in the organization 1st Mile is providing management support to the management team in Vestas. This has been done in collaboration with the consultancy Acquiro, who in such projects acts as subcontractor to 1st Mile. Further, the project under the Advanced Technology Fund has 1st Mile as project responsible and driver of the project. 

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