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By Charlotte Leser, July 17, 2013

Project for 100 million DKK.....

In 2011 1st Mile was contacted by the consortium behind an ambitious new Smart Grid Initiative. Based in Kalundborg Municipality the wish was to test and develop solutions that could ensure intelligent use of energy to match the great Danish ambitions for wind, solar and biomass. A strong partnership was established by the help of 1st Miles and financing of 43 million DKK from the “Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program” (EDDP) for a demonstration project for 100 million DKK.

In the energy sector there is a strong focus on the expected conversion of consumption and production of energy in Denmark. In the future, energy production increasingly come from renewable sources, while consumers will change their oil burners with electric heat pumps and replaces their gasoline cars with electric cars. Both the energy industry and the politicians agree that the entire energy system must undergo a massive upgrade, so the changed conditions can be met in an optimal way.

Partners behind the “Smart City Kalundborg” project will with the project create tomorrow’s energy. It must be demonstrated in practice how a city can use energy in the best way possible. This will be achieved by having systems that control electricity, water, heat, transport and buildings to talk. The project “Smart City Kalundborg” is a pioneering project on Smart Grids. It has not been seen in Denmark before that a major city initiate such a massive investment in the development of future energy systems that will ensure a stable supply while helping to meet national energy policy and environmental objectives.

The project revolves around the creation of a technological platform that will enable the exchange of information between end users, manufacturers and distributors of energy. In this way an energy system will quickly and automatically be able to respond to changes in demand from end-users will be developed.

SEAS-NVE plays as a local energy company a central role and is behind the project along with Kalundborg Municipality, Danish Energy and Spirae in a consortium that has primary been responsible for implementing the EUDP project.

In the design of the application for EUDP 1st Mile coordinated input from all partners, drove the work processes with the many partners and wrote the application to match the EUDP demands. During the consultation phase where external experts appointed by the EUDP Secretariat assess the application, 1st Mile formulated the consultation response in collaboration with the key partners.
“1st Mile made ​​a very competent contribution and was extremely engaged as a partner, who managed to lift a complex task for the consortium in the preparation of the application. Additionally, 1st Mile formidable rendered advice by setting up a platform essential to all 12 partners’ future business. “
Carsten Fosvang, Project Director, SEAS-NVE

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