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By Charlotte Leser, July 17, 2013

PSS Energy is a strong player in the market for energy-saving solutions

PSS Energy’s expertise in voltage regulation has saved several institutions and companies significant amounts on electricity bills. In 2012 1st Mile was contacted by PSS Energy, who requested help with the preparation of an application for the EUDP program. This resulted in a project approvaland a grant of DKK 7.5 million to a development and demonstration project with a total budget of DKK 14 million.
PSS Energy in Ballerup has a successful business that helps institutions and companies reduce their electricity bills. By reducing the voltage that is brought into a building and at the same time eliminating the idle consumption generated by e.g. computers and photocopiers on standby, power consumption can be reduced by up to 35%.
Based onthe experiences that PSS Energy have on reduction of electricity consumption, the company could see opportunities in modifying the technique so that it could be integrated with a household’s electric meter, thus helping households to save power – benefitting both the household residents and the local electricity supply. To be a success in this market, the unit cost must be low, installation and operation must be simple, and the device must be significantly smaller size, which can only be achieved through the development of new technology.
With the help of 1st Mile, an application was written for the EUDP program, in order for PSS Energy to get financial support to develop and test two new solutions that in combination will make a big difference to the increasingly congested electricity network in Denmark. Currently the scarce capacity in the grid means that suppliers of electricity turn up the voltage in the system to meet the demands in the market. Therefore, the voltage of electrical outlets in homes can deliver up to 253V to meet customer needs. Such a high voltage has an adverse impact on both the household economy and the life of the technical equipment in the house, e.g. computers, TVs and home appliances.
The solutionfor private households has been named DVC (Digital Voltage Control), and it is expected that households with a DVC will be able to reduce their electricity consumption by 6-20%. Just as in businesses and public buildings the DVC will reduce the voltage sent into the respective households, so that both power consumption drops, and household electrical appliances achieve a higher life expectancy.
The other solution that PSS Energy whishes to develop is a so-called 10/04 VOU (Voltage Optimisation Unit), which is also covered by the project. This device is installed in a transformer sub-station, where it help regulating and stabilising the voltage sent out in the area served by the station. This allows electricity providers to monitor the voltage level of the power grid and enable them to regulate voltage and balance the sub-station’s three phases, whereby the power supply is optimised. Finally, it allows control and emergency shut down of the power consumption

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