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By Charlotte Leser, January 23, 2013

Advanced Web platform

The innovation capability of the energy sector in Europe is low. Too few technologies honor their commercial potential and the understanding of the importance of commercial returns is not good enough among engineers and other technicians. There is a great opportunity to accomodate these challenges by teaching engineering students some business concepts at the end of their studies where they often work on specific projects.

1st Mile is the Danish partner of the EU project ENERGY2B where idea competitions facilitated through a new and advanced Web platform reach approximately 145,000 students and 21 000 researchers in five countries. ENERGY2B stimulate succesful innovation by encouraging students to turn energy innovation ideas into reality via new business start-ups.

1st Mile participates as an expert in bringing technologies to commercial business and will attend the screening of the submitted ideas and teaching of students in boot camps and seminars.

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