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1st Mile makes green businesses meet.

We are interested in joining cross-border projects with the aim of bringing new technologies to market. We provide high-level consultancy, insights and networks to entities who seek value creation for your R&D efforts.

Managing partnerships
One of 1st Mile’s core competencies is to set up partnerships and joint projects and partners to achieve a strong combination of technology and business. To new entrants to the Danish market, partnerships with locally based operators have proven to be very valuable. 1st Mile has a huge network among universities, private and public operators in the Danish cleantech and sustainable energy industry and we have great experiences in combining competencies of foreign companies and local Danish operators.

Managing project funding
Since 2007, 1st Mile has secured funding for over 1.5 billion DKK (€200m) for innovation projects with an average hit rate of 80%. Thus, 1st Mile is specialized in writing applications. Furthermore, we have experience with applications across boards.

Managing kickoff and projects
1st Mile delivers project kickoff and management of research and development projects. We have developed an efficient methodology and structure, which ensures achievement of goals and delivery of deliverances.

Managing innovation
1st Mile will x-ray the organization via analysis and questionnaires based on an acknowledged and research-based model in cooperation with the leading university in this field; University of Brighton.

Often you can see the problem but not the solution – or you need a fresh pair of eyes to assess whether there are other solutions that could be better.

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