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Get Inspired

Let State of Green inspire you. All State of Green Tours are tailor-made to each delegation, however, we have gathered some inspiration for tours with specific themes and tours with a joint focus on Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Waste & Resource Tours
Denmark has come a long way in environmentally responsible waste management. By participating in a State of Green Waste & Resource Tours, you will meet Danish state of the art companies, utilities and experts who look forward to sharing with you their expertise and the lessons learned here in Denmark.  

Clean Air Tours
Air pollution presents a severe threat for the environment and human health worldwide, and the fast growing populations in urban areas underline the necessity of working towards cleaner air. 

Denmark has successfully reduced atmospheric pollution in most areas to less than one fifth of the levels during the 1970´s. Other nations can benefit from the Danish experience by meeting the companies and institutions who have developed core competencies in the clean air sector.

Water Tours
Experience Danish water and climate adaptation solutions live in Denmark on a tailored State of Green Water Tour. Take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish companies, utilities and institutions and find solutions to the water related challenges of your industry and society. You can combine business meetings with site visits and conferences and other events in the area of your interest.

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Visit both Denmark and Sweden 
Sweden is just a 30-minute train ride away from Denmark’s capital.

Traveling to both Denmark and Sweden will give a delegation the opportunity not only to see a number of different applied technologies, but also the opportunity to explore similarities and differences in how policies and development projects are handled and applied.

You can read much more about the possibilities in southern Sweden on the GreenTech Visits website.

In order to arrange a visit to both Denmark and Sweden, please clearly indicate in your visit plan request that you are also interested in a visit to Sweden.


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