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Denmark: Facts and Figures

Denmark: Facts and Figures

Relevant statistics and information about Denmark and the Danish energy story

Basic Facts about Denmark  
One-pager on Danish geography, demography, government and economy. 

Danish Energy Statistics 2015   
Key figures on Danish energy production and consumption, CO2 emissions and energy prices.

The Danish Energy Agreement: 2012-2020
Fact sheet with political initiatives and targets for the green Danish transition towards 2020.

Denmark's Energy and Climate Outlook 2017
Publication with projections of Danish energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions up to 2030 based on current policies.

Security of Electricity Supply in Denmark 2017
Annual report detailing the security of electricity supply in Denmark. 

The Danish Energy Political Framework
A visual and fact based historical overview of the Danish energy political framework towards an energy-efficient society based renewables.

Danish Energy Technology Export Statistics 2015 (in Danish only)
Publication containing facts and figures behind the Danish export of green energy technologies and the focused efforts within R&D of new energy technologies in 2015.

Energy scenario report and sub-analyses of the Danish energy system up to 2050
An energy-scenario report and five sub-analyses of the future Danish energy system and the challenges up to 2050 as fossil fuels are phased out and replaced with renewables.

Strategy and Recommendations
A report which makes recommendations on how Denmark can achieve its goal of being free from fossil fuels by 2050.

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