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Top 5 most read news stories on State Of Green in November

11 December 2017

The Danish Gas Grid Could be Filled with Green Gas in 2035
According to calculations conducted by the Aarhus University, the gas grid in Denmark could be running completely on green gas by 2035. The production of green gas (methane) has taken a leap over the last three years in Denmark, with considerable investments being made in building new, large-scale plants that can convert biomass to gas. Read on to find out why it is realistic that the entire gas grid in Denmark could run on green gas by 2035 and how green gas is reducing to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions…

Storing Renewable energy in Flywheels
The practice of storing energy in flywheels is already being used to even out supply and demand in New York’s electricity supply. Small in size, constructed of environmentally-friendly materials and with an anticipated longer life expectancy than batteries, flywheels could be the solution to storage challenges. However, with current technology, flywheels can only store energy for ten minutes. Read on to find out how a team of researchers from Aarhus University, Danish Technological Institute and the Danish companies Haldor Topsoe and Sintex have joined forces in order to rectify this problem…

Nordic Ministers and Decision-Makers Gather to Accelerate the Green Transition
From 21st – 25th May 2018, Copenhagen and Malmo will be joint hosts for Nordic Clean Energy Week. Taking place against the backdrop of Clean Energy Ministerial, an annual meeting which gathers energy ministers from  25 countries as well as the European Commission to devise ways to accelerate the transition to a greener future, Nordic Clean Energy Week will showcase solutions from the Nordic region that can accelerate the transition. Read on to learn more about the event and whether it may be relevant for you to attend…

Google Invests in Second Data Centre Location in Denmark
The news that tech giant Google had purchased its second plot of land in Denmark, as an option for the location of a data centre garnered many readers. The country is developing into something of a Northern European data centre hub, with Apple and Facebook currently in the middle of constructing data centres in Denmark. Read on to discover what it is about Denmark that makes it an attractive location for the establishment of data centres…

New initiative focuses on the role of gas in the green transition
While it is well known that wind energy and solar power can significantly contribute to turning a country’s energy system green, the role of gas is often forgotten. Therefore, the three gas distribution companies in Denmark have established the interest organisation, Green Gas Denmark, as a way to shine a spotlight on the potential of green gases. Following several years of research and development, biogas is beginning to take a larger role in Denmark’s energy system, given it is a CO2-neutral source of energy and can be used to balance fluctuating renewable sources. Read on to find out more about green gas…

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