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Energy efficiency in industry

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Release of new AqSep product

26 January 2016

AqSep is happy to announce the release of the newest product: the WM18700B.

It increases the capacity within our desalination product range for applications where energy recovery is not required.

The unit incorporates many elements from the smaller WM9000B yielding the same footprint and a similar appearance, but with more than twice the output. By using two sets of membranes in parallel, we can achieve the capacity of 18700 litre (4940 gallon) freshwater per day. The shared use of components also leads to the same typical delivery time of 5 working days.

With more capacity in one unit, the WM18700B brings a cost efficient solution while maintaining the use of high-grade components and automated features from our custom made controller.

Like our other units, you may consider it for both marine and onshore applications.

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Energy efficiency in industry
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