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Hybrid Project in Middelfart (Denmark)

In spring 2021 Viking Wind installs a hybrid turbine project in Middelfart. It was a new experience to install a hybrid demo project which both combined the elements of solar energy, wind energy, and battery storage.

In spring 2021 Viking Wind installed a hybrid turbine project in Middelfart. It was a new experience for us to install this hybrid demo project combining the elements of Solar energy, Wind energy, and Battery storage. The wind turbine and the solar cellar in unison produce the energy which is then stored in the battery unit for later use when the wind or sun isn’t productive enough to cover the immediate need for energy.

Besides that, the project is an Off-grid project. That means that the energy production from the different elements delivers the energy production directly to an independent unit and is thereby not dependent on being connected to the public grid. That gives many possibilities for the location of projects like this e.g., in isolated areas or areas where the infrastructure isn’t that developed yet.

Renewable solution

With the new hybrid system, 100 % clean, reliable, and affordable energy is available and a worthy competitor to more traditional and polluting energy sources. As it combines two sources of renewable energy and allows for battery storage, the solution secures a steady and reliable energy source all day, all year.

The hybrid solution in Middelfart can provide 20 to 25 danish households with 100%  renewable, sustainable energy 24/7 all year.

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