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Denmark to Host World Water Conference in 2020

Denmark to Host World Water Conference in 2020

The International Water Association (IWA) has just chosen Denmark as the host destination for the world congress World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2020. With 5,000 participants, this congress is the largest of its kind, which entrenches Denmark’s leading position within water technology.

By Anne Vestergaard Andersen, 2015.10.15

Copenhagen is going to host the World Water Congress & Exhibition, WWC&E, in 2020, it is reported just now from Brussels, where The International Water Association's general assembly is taking place. The choice was between Glasgow, Prague and Copenhagen, but in the end, Copenhagen won.

The massive global challenges within the water industry poses great demand on Danish water technology. Each year, foreign delegations visit Denmark to see how water companies work with cleaning drinking water, purification of wastewater and consequences of the climate change.  

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Chairman of the Danish IWA national committee, Helle Katrine Andersen, is looking forward to welcoming her industry colleagues to Copenhagen, and says: 

-We have determinedly been working on this project for several years. Denmark is known for its holistic solutions, which does not merely solve the water and climate challenges, but also creates green and vibrant cities with recreational areas and high quality of life. On that note, Copenhagen is a living water lab for innovative Danish water solutions.’’

The Danish host committee, consists of the Danish Water and Wastewater Association, supply and private companies from the water sector, Copenhagen Municipality, The Capital Region of Denmark, DTU, State of Green and Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau etc.   

What makes Copenhagen an attractive host city?
Copenhagen is ranked one of the most popular congress cities in the world, and is easy and safe to reach and navigate in. Copenhagen is a knowledge hub where some of the strong points are within the life science, IT and clean tech industries, and the city invests heavily in development of these particular fields.

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About the International Water Association (IWA)
IWA gathers people across water sectors and countries, with the purpose of putting the world’s challenges in the water industry on a global agenda and deliver sustainable water solutions to the whole world. IWA has 8,500 members in 165 countries. The association has a yearly publication of 13 scientific papers and host 36 events globally, where the World Water Congress & Exhibition is the flagship.

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Source: Wonderful Copenhagen

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