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Countdown to 2030: A new era for public-private partnerships

How can public-private partnerships enable a more resilient and green economy, and what needs to be done utilizing stakeholders and across borders to accelerate climate action? Join our event on 20 September when leaders from business and government highlight the importance of public-private climate action.
7 September 2022

Event details

20 September 2022, 11:00AM-3:30PM (EST)

Location 05, 450 W 31ST, 7TH FLOOR, NY 10001 NEW YORK

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The climate change movement has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Both the United States and Denmark are taking considerab steps on climate leadership, as seen with the United States re-joining the Paris Agreement and Denmark’s goal to reduce emissions by 70% in 2030. In both countries, the transition is both spearheaded by government and private sector committing to set and help meet energy and climate targets, taking more responsibility by curbing emissions, and making significant investments in clean energy and sustainability measures. “A new era for public-private climate action” is a unique transatlantic event, aiming to create a platform for cleantech leaders to discuss collective climate change action in preparation for 2030.

With the UN General Assembly as the backdrop, this event will convene 200 clean economy leaders from the private sector, national, state, city governments, and financial institutions. Attendees can expect a highly inspirational event together with progressive Danish and American peers.

The purpose of this event is to highlight the impact and nature of the private and public sectors’ climate action toward a low-carbon economy.


The event is hosted by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Danish Cleantech Hub, State of Green, and Confederation of Danish Industry.

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