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Perspective: Future Water: Setting new standards for drinking water supply

Future Water: Setting new standards for drinking water supply

Innovative collaboration in the Danish water industry develops holistic solutions for sustainable and efficient water supply – tailor-made for export and use in water utilities worldwide.

Denmark is known for holistic solutions and constructive co-operation between stakeholders. This has been the recipe for developing a multitude of innovative solutions in the water sector in Denmark.

The large-scale collaborative project Future Water continues this tradition and is dedicated to developing future-proof tools and technologies for efficient and sustainable water supply.

Combining expertise from a multitude of stakeholders

Future Water is a unique collaborative project between Denmark’s leading companies in the water sector.

The project engages a cross-industry dream team of major Danish water utilities, consultancies, technology providers and academic institutions.

By bringing together water utilities, universities, consultants and manufacturers, we ensure the development of tools and technologies that work – not just in the lab, but in the daily operation of water utilities. Future Water is all about addressing real life challenges.

The products: Eight innovative solutions

Future Water consists of eight sub-projects aimed at providing commercially available solutions for water utilities. Each sub-project targets cost reduction, energy optimization, improved water quality and environmental sustainability.

The solutions include:

  • Intelligent on-line well field management system
  • Intelligent real-time analysis of water quality data
  • Intelligent pipe rehabilitation planning tool
  • Automated Smart-Grid Power Consumption Tool
  • Drinking Water Softening – demonstration installation using a pilot pellet reactor for calcium carbonate removal
  • Reduction of Contamination Risks from Atmospheric Air
  • Water Treatment in an Acoustical Perspective
  • Biosensor

Hands-on innovation

Each sub-project is carried out in cooperation between one or more water utilities, a consultancy company and possibly a research institution or undertaking, which means that developers as well as users are involved in the project.

This ensures that all solutions are based on the needs of the end users (water utilities) and enables testing not only in labs but also in “real life”.

Partners and funding

The project is partly funded by The Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector and The Danish Ministry of the Environment (The Nature Agency).

For more information about Future Water, please refer to 

Contact the project:

Henrik Juul, Project Director, Future Water
Telephone:  +45 63 13 23 85
Mobile: +45 40 82 36 10


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Anne Vestergaard Andersen
Communications Manager
Phone: +45 20 35 04 47

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