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How Can We Fulfil the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on Water?

In a series of articles, we elaborate on the Sustainable Development Goals. This issue contains the perspectives of three decision makers on why the SDG 6 goal within water and sanitation is important and what solutions are key to combat the challenges.


How can Smart Distribution Grids Power Europe’s Green Transition?

We have asked 4 decision makers to share their perspectives on the role of smart distribution grids and how they can power Europe's green transition. Read their insights here.


Future Water: Setting new standards for drinking water supply

Innovative collaboration in the Danish water industry develops holistic solutions for sustainable and efficient water supply – tailor-made for export and use in water utilities worldwide.


Our transition – public participation towards a low carbon economy

Co-create, co-develop, co-inspire - how do we cope with the present and future environmental and climate related challenges? A transition towards a more sustainable society needs legitimacy from both top and bottom of society. Climate change emanates from a number of causes and if we are to impact the issues it is not sufficient to focus on industries alone but also encourage an individual way of life towards a more environmentally conscious behaviour.


On the path to a sustainable 2050

Denmark - a Global Leader on climate and energy. The WWFrecognises the ambitious climate and energy policies of the Danish government as a gift to the earth for Denmark’s leadership.Read their reasons why here.


Denmark – a world leading lab for green technologies

In the transition to a green and more energy and resource efficient society it is of vital importance that a transformation of the energy sector goes hand in hand with a focused effort within research, test and demonstration in order to support companies and cities in developing new competitive green solutions.


Sustainable Transportation

Environmental concerns about emissions, endless car queues on the roads, hordes of passengers during rush hour - just to mention a few of the main challenges of transportation that demands solutions of mobility.


Smart Cities

By 2050, more than 6 billion people will live in urban areas. This development calls for ‘smart’ approaches to ensure that cities are optimized for economic activity, energy consumption, environmental impact and ‘the good life’. The road towards a smart and more sustainable city is long termed planning and design. This requires rethinking – we have to think smart. It is necessary to define the challenges, ask the relevant questions, and choose the best tools.


Wind Integration: Moving towards the Smart Grid

A number of tools provide the recipe for integrating considerable amounts of wind energy into the power system. The list of tools used by the Danish industry will be growing longer, as Denmark strives towards becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2050.


Offshore Wind: Power Plants of the Future

Offshore wind power makes it possible to exploit an abundant energy resource, reduce dependence on increasingly costly fossil fuels and provide large quantities of affordable electricity.


Wind Power Test and Demonstration

Technological innovation ranks high on the agenda of the Danish wind industry. Ample opportunity for test and demonstration is therefore essential. A number of facilities are already in place in Denmark and more are underway.


Smart Grid Hub

Denmark: A European smart grid hub. Recent study presents asset mapping of Smart Grid competencies in Denmark and highlights opportunities for international smart grid players.


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