Seminar on Danish Water Technology 丹麦水技术研讨会

When: 20 April 2021, 13.00 – 17.00 China / 7.00 – 11.00 Denmark

Where: Online (线上): Zoom, Offline (线下): 上海浦东新国际博览中心 W5-M8 会议室

Join this seminar, as part of IE Expo China 2021, where China and Denmark will share knowledge, solutions, and challenges about how to reduce urban water loss, secure supply for future water demand and the continuous developments to improve wastewater treatment from sector experts. This seminar will be held in two sessions: Non-Revenue Water and Wastewater Treatment, it is open for all the audiences for both online and offline participation.

在2021 中国环博会上,丹麦绿色国度将携手丹麦出口协会共同举办丹麦水技术研讨会。本次研讨会分为上下两场,主题分别是:减少城市供水漏损;节能减排技术在污水处理中的应用 。届时, 丹中两国的水行业专家将同时在线上和线下分享如何减少城市供水漏损、保障未来水供应以及废水处理领域的可持续发展经验,所面临的挑战和解决方案。

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20 April 2021, 13.00 – 17.00 China / 7.00 – 11.00 Denmark

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According to the UN, global water consumption will increase with up to 30 percent by 2050. In order to meet the future demand for water, a strong focus on efficient water management, utility operations , wastewater treatment and not least reducing Non-Revenue Water, is needed.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) or urban water loss is a major challenge as 25-50 percent of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced due to illegal connections, inaccurate billing systems, inaccurate metering, physical leakages, deteriorating infrastructure, wrong water pressure management etc. This is known as Non-Revenue Water (NRW), water that no one is being payed for supplying.

Danish water utilities have managed to achieve a national NRW average of just 6.5 per cent. Each utility has developed its own strategy tailored to local circumstances, which typically includes a holistic NRW master plan, ongoing monitoring and pressure management and using high quality components such as water meters, valves, pumps and pipes.

The Danish water utilities are not only committed to reduce NRW, but also to work towards  energy and climate neutrality. Wastewater treatments traditionally very energy consuming. However, the wastewater sector must make its own contribution to reaching the climate goals of the future. In Denmark, we aim to reach a 70% CO2 reduction in 2030.

Danish wastewater treatment plants have already been upgraded to reduce their energy consumption and are now focusing on energy production and resource recovery. The present Danish solutions show a.o.:  more than 180% energy self-sufficiency, wastewater treated to Chinese A1 standard or better, automated treatment, 25% capacity increase and reduced CO2 footprint, reuse of treated water and resource recovery from treated sludge.

Without big construction changes, supreme results as to electricity consumption, high effluent standard, and energy neutrality are reached by implementing: Upgraded process solutions based on precise control of aeration. Introduction of synergistic treatment of sludge together with municipal organic wastes and anaerobic digestion is a sustainable sludge treatment method, in line with the principles of green development and circular economy, which is relevant everywhere.

Join us for a deep dive and insightful talk on how to reduce urban water loss, secure supply for future water demand and enable cost savings on both water supply and energy use,  learn about world class results and the continuous developments to improve wastewater treatment from sector experts.


由于非法截取用水、计费系统不准确、测量不准确、渗漏、基础设施老化、水压管理不当等原因,全球有供水总量的25% -50%未能得到结算或在送抵用户的途中漏损,所有这些统称为供水产销差。丹麦水务部门已经成功将丹麦的供水产销差控制在6.5%左右。水务公司根据当地情况进行战略管控,通常包括供水产销差的总体规划、持续的监控、水压管理和使用高质量的水表、阀门、泵、管道等组件。






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Session 1:

Reducing Urban Water Loss 



13:00—14:15 China / 07:00 – 08:15 Denmark

12:45 China / 06:45 Denmark – Registration on site 现场签到 

13:00 China / 07:00 Denmark – Welcome and Introduction to the agenda 欢迎及研讨会议程介绍

Angela Zhang, Chief Representative, Danish Export Association – Shanghai Office 丹麦出口协会上海代表处首席代表 

13:05 China /07:05 Denmark – Opening Speech and White Paper Launching 开幕及发布绿色国度白皮书

Ke Yu, Head of China Desk at State of Green (Online)丹麦绿色国度中国区域总经理  (线上) 

13:15 China / 07:15 Denmark   Danish Non -revenue water approach – from holistic planning to successful operation丹麦供水产销差管理-从整体规划到成功运营

Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen, Project Director at EnviDan A/S (online) Envidan 项目总监 (线上) 

13:35 China / 07: 35 Denmark – Managing Urban Water Losses with LEAKman  使用LEAKman技术管理城市供水漏损

Kristiane Østergaard Jensen,HOFOR Greater Utility Copenhagen (Online)  HOFOR哥本哈根大区公用事业公司供水规划专家(线上) 

13:45 China / 07:45 Denmark  – Panel Discussion: Danish water loss experiences and collaborations with China 专题讨论:丹麦供水漏损和中丹水合作经验分享

Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen,  Project Director at EnviDan A/S  Envidan项目总监

David Yang, Senior Commercial Product Manager at Kamstrup 卡姆鲁普高级商务经理

Ken Yan, BD & Marketing Director at AVK 业务发展兼市场总监

Heidi Su, Innovation Officer (Cleantech) at Innovation Centre Denmark  丹麦科技创业中心创新事务官员(清洁技术)

14:05 China / 08:05 Denmark – Closing remarks 闭幕   

Ke Yu, Head of China Desk at State of Green (Online)丹麦绿色国度中国区域总经理  (线上) 


Watch the webinar on demand


Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen

Project Director 项目总监, EnviDan A/S

Kristiane Østergaard Jensen

Water Distribution Specialist , HOFOR Greater Utility Copenhagen 哥本哈根大区公用事业公司HOFOR供水规划专家

Ken Yan 严荣

BD & Marketing Director 业务发展兼市场总监, AVK

David Yang

Senior Commercial Product Manager高级商务经理, Kamstrup

Heidi Su 苏宇捷

Innovation Officer (Cleantech) ,Innovation Centre Denmark - Shanghai 丹麦科技创业中心 (上海) 创新事务官员 (清洁技术)

Ke Yu 于珂

Head of China Desk , State of Green Denmark 丹麦绿色国度中国区总经理

Ilse Korsvang

Head of the U-S-E Water, DEA-Water China 丹麦出口协会-水技术中国 U-S-E Water项目总监

Angela Zhang 张鹰

Chief Representative, Danish Export Association – Shanghai Office 丹麦出口协会上海代表处首席代表

Dr. Zou Boyuan 邹博源博士

Technical Dept., Shanghai Chengtou Wastewater Treatment Co. Ltd. 上海城投污水处理有限公司技术部

Mads Leth

CEO, VCS Denmark 丹麦欧登塞水务公司-总裁

Wenjia Wang 王文佳

Deputy Chief Engineer, DHI China DHI中国副总工程师

Shi Zhenbao 时珍宝

General Manager, Shanghai Bibo Water Design and Research Center 上海碧波水务设计研发中心总经理

Ulrik Folkmann

Export director 出口部总监, Stjernholm

Danny Kan

Lead Business Development Manager, Digital Water at GRUNDFOS 格兰富数字水务业务发展总经理

Yuesheng Hu 胡越升

Danfoss , CTO

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