Circular Economy – Looping on data

When: 25 March 2021 - This event has taken place. WATCH IT ON DEMAND BELOW.

Where: Online

Join this GREEN INSIGHTS, as part of Circular City Week 2021, where New York and Denmark will share knowledge, solutions and challenges to deploying the use of data in a circular economy. How can we share data to promote circular business models?

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25 March 2021 - This event has taken place. WATCH IT ON DEMAND BELOW.

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The explosion in data and digitalisation has the potential to get the wheels of the circular economy turning even faster. The amount of data flowing and the widespread use of digital tools and technologies, Internet of Things and connected devices have the capability to provide valuable information for accelerating the circular transition. Information on material content, origin and value, as well as on product location, use, and condition to be tracked across the value chain are highly valuably for companies seeking to offer more circular business propositions such as closed-loop processes, remanufacturing or product-as-service models.

Pairing this digital revolution with circular economy principles can redefine the relations between economy, materials and finite resources. Looking at the systemic changes, use of data can become the new infrastructure that can enable a structured use of assets and movements along the value chain. Digital tools become as important as physical tools when it comes to determining and steering asset flows.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the value created from circular economy can extend beyond direct business benefits, and generate significant wider societal benefits. There are also major savings to be found in the marginal costs of value chains, which primarily stem from extending the use cycle of assets, increasing their utilisation and “cascading” them – in other words, creating more opportunities for diversified reuse of products, component parts and materials.

Through better use of data and big data analytics, companies can get a better handle on material flows, traceability, predictive maintenance, real-time route optimisation, product use patterns and customer requirements. Data can help illuminate transparency and reliability of global value chains and industries aiming to be sustainable, which can support green decision-makers and sustainability as a competitive advantage.  In a circular economy, a data overview of materials, products and processes is a way to increase transparency both upstream and downstream.

This GREEN INSIGHTS will focus on the challenges, barriers and opportunities for data to promote circular business models, where partnering across industries and sectors can extend the use of data and drive a circular transition.

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11:00 AM EST/16.00 CET: Welcome by moderator
Moderator: Peter Hesseldahl, Editor – Digitalisation, Mandag Morgen

11:05 AM EST/16.05 CET: Opening remarks
By Torsten Andersen, Deputy Director, Danish Business Authority

11:15 AM EST/16.15 CET:  Solutions on data-driven circular economy

  • Optoro – Eliminating waste from returns through return technology
    By Meagan Knowlton, Director Sustainability, Optoro
  • Continued – rental platform for fashion clothing
    By Vigga Svensson, CEO, Continued

11:35 AM EST/16.35 CET:  Panel debate – Deep dive into the  potential of data in a circular transition

  • Patrick Moloney, Market Director Strategic Sustainability Consulting , Rambøll
  • Emma Gains,  Sustainable Development Lead, Arup Denmark
  • Jason Moore, Director of Service Solutions and Marketing , Grundfos

11:55 AM EST/16.55 CET:  Closing Remarks



Moderator Peter Hesseldahl

Editor - Digitalisation, Mandag Morgen

Torsten Andersen_Erhvs

Torsten Andersen

Deputy Director, Danish Business Authority

Vigga Svensson

Vigga Svensson

CEO , Continued Fashion

Patrick - Rambøll

Patrick Moloney

Market Director Strategic Sustainability Consulting, Rambøll

Emma Gains

Emma Gains

Sustainable Development Lead, Arup Denmark

Meagan Knowlton

Meagan Knowlton

Director Sustainability, Optoro

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Director of Service Solutions and Marketing , Grundfos

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