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Profile: Samsø – Denmark

Samsø – Denmark

When you live on Samsø, your electricity doesn’t come from a traditional power station. Samsø has eleven land-based wind turbines that  its entire electricity needs. In a similar way the majority of the heat production comes from four district heating plants powered by woodchips, straw and solar panels.

Situated in the middle of Denmark, Samsø was chosen to be Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island in 1997 and within a ten-year span succeed in being 100 % self-sufficient with renewable energy.

Since then the islanders have taken up new challenges and are now busy implementing a new master plan showing how Samsø can be fossil free within the year 2030.

Samsø Energy Academy
In 2007 Samsø Energy Academy opened its doors to the public and functions as a centre and exhibition hall for renewable energy and energy saving schemes. The Academy arranges each year exhibitions, workshops and corporate events, for 5000 visitors from all over the world.

The Academy organizes:

Samsø Energy Tours:
Full and half day visits to the Academy and different demonstration plants around the Island.

Energy Safari Samsø Skive:
Together with the Ecocity of Skive the Energy Academy offers coherent visiting programs focusing on good energy and environment stories.

Recent videos from Samsoe Energy Academy:
Samsoe Fossil Free Island 
Conference center Samsborg

Samsø – Denmark
Att: Søren Hermansen
Strandengen 1
8305 Samsø
Phone: +45 87921011


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