Greater Copenhagen Green Deal Webinar

Sign up for the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal Webinar today and discover how the European Green Deal can be implemented and get the opportunity to participate in the green transition.

The European Commission has stated that they expect to spend 35% of the Horizon Europe funding on Green Deal-related projects from 2021 to 2027. That is more than 30 billion euros, available for application.

In the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal project, we wish to create partnerships between research institutions and the public and private sectors. With the help of these partnerships, our aim is to identify 8 definite challenges or innovation opportunities within four different areas of the green transition consisting of

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Circular economy
  • Climate resilience

These four focus areas will be present at the webinar, and here you will get the chance to become an active part of one of them.

These four focus areas are chosen from the EU Green Deal and Greater Copenhagen’s Green Charter.

Do you want to learn more? Join the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal Webinar on the 27th of May and receive more information about the project, green transition, and how to apply for funding from the European Union. Sign up at Greater Copenhagen Green Deal Webinar.

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  • Torsdag, 27 maj 2021
  • Webinar