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State of Green Tours is a service for businesses, politicians, civil servants and media correspondents. We offer tailor-made Tours with an opportunity to experience Danish technologies and solutions in the field of energy, climate adaptation, water and environment.

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Take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish companies, organisations and institutions, enabling you to strengthen your market position and find solutions to the challenges of your industry and society.

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Through an extensive network of contacts, we create State of Green Tours tailored to the specific needs of your delegation and in addition, we offer to handle all logistics related to your visit. Our services are free of charge, however, we expect visitors to handle all other costs related to the tour, including local transportation, accommodation, meals and interpretation, if needed. Please note that all visits are subject to the interest and availability of the selected locations, companies and organisations. State of Green cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request.

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If you are interested in a tailor-made State of Green Tour, please contact us by filling out a visit plan request. If you already know which companies, organisations or solutions you wish to visit, please add them to your request. Following your selection, simply submit the visit plan request and we will get back to you within a few business days.

Who can visit?

State of Green Tours is a service for businesses, politicians, civil servants and media correspondents. Since 2008, we have hosted more than 360 delegations with more than 5700 participants and we look forward to welcoming you to Denmark on a State of Green Tour.

What can you visit?

Leading Danish companies and organisations in the field of energy, climate adaptation, water and environment are ready to receive your delegation and showcase their best solutions. Start exploring the many possibilities!

Where can you visit?

Denmark may be small in size but it’s a country that is big on ideas. See a map of all the innovative companies, organisations and solutions that are open for visits through State of Green Tours.

Visit House of Green

We recommend all delegations to begin their State of Green Tour with an introductory visit to House of Green – Denmark´s interactive green visitors centre in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you can learn about Denmark’s ambitious goal of transitioning to a green economy independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

Get inspired

Let State of Green inspire you. All State of Green Tours are tailor-made to each delegation, however, we have gathered some inspiration for tours with specific themes and tours with a joint focus on Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Want to host delegations?

Find information and guidelines relevant for Danish companies and organisations interested in hosting a site visit or business meeting with high-level international delegations.


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