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Wind Turbines

Denmark has all the competences needed throughout the entire wind power value chain.

A proven technology undergoing continuous development
Modern wind turbine consist of thousands of components and thus the technology requires a strong value chain of suppliers with good collaboration in order to ensure state-of-the-art products with deliverability in an efficient manner.

Crucial but hidden specialised components
Contrary to what many might think, a wind turbine is an extremely complex technology. Aside from the visible parts of the wind turbine such as the nacelle, the blades and the tower, a wind turbine consists of a number of highly specialized parts adapted to or developed just for the wind energy sector.

Denmark – a wind power hub
The Danish Wind Industry Association has more than 260 member companies. As a result, Denmark is home to all the competences needed throughout the entire value chain for producing a wind turbine and a number of the world’s leading companies specialised in wind energy are located in Denmark.


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