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Profile: Samsø – Denmark

Samsø – Denmark

When you step of the ferry to the island of Samsø, the people might seem very different from one another. SOme are tall, some are small, some are thin and some are broad. However the all have one thing in common. The individual inhabitants of Samsø each generate 12 ton less CO2 than the average dane. 

In 1997 Samsø won a national competition and became Denmark's Renewable Energy Island. The challenge: To be 100% energy self-sufficiant within 10 years. The island succeded and by 2007 the island were self-sufficiant due to a combination of windmills, biomass district heating plants and improvements on transportation and energy conservation. 

In the heart of this transition were the Energy Academy. 

The transition were only possible due to the tireless commitment from the entire island. in fact 70% of the total DDK 468.000.000 invested came from local investors. 

Samsø 3.0

The community of Samsø is still working on going from "best practice" to "next practice" in sustainable devolopment. 

The island has therefore agreed on the common goal, that that coal, oil or gas used for energy and transportation gradually will be phased out towards 2030. Furthermore every transportation to the island will be powered by renewable energy and substantial savings on heat and energy should be made. 

Samsø Energy Academy

In 2007 Samsø Energy Academy opened its doors to the public and functions as a centre and exhibition hall for renewable energy and energy saving schemes. The Academy arranges each year exhibitions, workshops and corporate events, for 5000 visitors from all over the world.

The Academy organizes:

Samsø Energy Tours:
Full and half day visits to the Academy and different demonstration plants around the Island.



Samsø – Denmark
Att: Søren Hermansen
Strandengen 1
8305 Samsø
Phone: +45 87921011


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